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Why not make movies!
Sounds like fun!

"What could be involved?" you ask. "Just hire a bunch of talented people, get some scripts, audition some actors, and poof, you have a movie, right?" Oh to be so innocent again. But come on, really, isn't that the secret? All you really need is great people running the camera, directing the actors, placing the lights, wiring for sound, editing the footage and writing the scripts. Throw in some talented actors, dust them with a fabulous make-up job and blend for 4 months on high. And most importantly, keep a good spirit during long days.

And then watch the awards roll in.

We're a very experienced, dedicated bunch of award-winning artists who know how to get the job done. From a 30 second commercial to a 15 minute short, to a feature film, our team has the experience to get your vision to the screen.

Have a project you want to get made? Hire us. We'll get it done.

And you'll love it.

Upcoming screenings

  • 15 March

    Who is Martin Danzig? - Philip K. Dick Film Festival

    • March 15, 2019
    • Santa Ana, CA

  • 11-16 March

    Popcorn & Chocolate - Eko International Film Festival

    • March 11 - 16, 2019
    • Lagos, Nigeria

  • 13-17 March

    Who is Martin Danzig? - Beeston Film Festival

    • March 13-17
    • Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

  • 26 - 28 March

    Who is Martin Danzig? - Golden State Film Festival

    • March 26 - 28, 2019
    • Hollywood, CA

  • 27-30 March

    Who is Martin Danzig? - Underexposed Film Festival

    • March 27 - 30
    • Winthrop University, Rock Hill SC

  • 28-31 March

    Popcorn & Chocolate - Deep in the Heart Film Festival

    • March 28-31
    • Waco, Texas

Film Trailers, Awards and Laurels

  • Who is Martin Danzig?  

    • Produced February - July 2018
    • Written and Directed by Michael Baker.
    • A mysterious old man (Martin Danzig) sits in the park feeding pigeons, rueing the refuse of humanity encroaching on his sanctuary. A man in a crisp white suit approaches and informs him that although still needed, he is no longer wanted. Facing feelings of uselessness, Danzig begs to stay, but is rebuffed. As a final gift, Danzig gets to meet his much younger replacement and learns to accept his future - with the fate of all humanity in the balance.

      Starring Walter Koenig (Star Trek), Kevin Page (Robocop, Seinfeld, Dallas), Alana Gay
    • 11:11
  • Awards:

      Outstanding Achievement - Berlin Flash Film Festival 2018
      Best Short - Platinum Award - Pinnacle Film Awards 2018
      Best Short - Diamond Award - ABQ Mindfield Film Festival 2018
      Best Short - Silver Award - Los Angeles Mindfield Film Festival 2019
      Remi Award - WorldFest Houston 2019
  • Popcorn & Chocolate  

    • Produced May - September 2017
    • Written by Michael Baker. Directed by Cathrine Hatcher
    • A tenacious middle school band student selling fundraisers helps emotionally rescue a grieving military family.
    • 15:00
  • Awards:

      Platinum Remi Award - Worldfest Houston 2018
      Audience Choice Award - Shutter Speed Film Festival 2018
      Generations Award - Boyton Beach Film Festival 2018
      Emerging Talent Award - Frances Watson - Silicon Beach Film Festival 2018
      Best Dramedy Short Film - Hollywood Boulevard FF 2018
      In This Together Award - Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase 2018
      Winner - Pinnacle Film Awards 2018
      Winner - Mindfield Film Awards 2018
      Winner - Short Film Category Shepperton Screenwriting Festival 2018
      Best Narrative Short Nominee - GI Film Festival 2018
      Best Supporting Actress - Kimberly Gail Williams - Galveston Island FF 2018
      Audience Choice Award - Kansas International FF 2018
      Best Actress - Frances Watson - Foster for Foster FF 2018
      Best Drama - Quarter Finalist - Paris Play Film Festival 2019
  • Sid and Marge Have a Problem  

    • Produced May - September 2016
    • Written by Michael Baker. Directed by Cathrine Hatcher
    • Poor Sid can't sleep! The little pill he took is keeping him awake. The voluptuous EMT isn't going to remedy his particular situation!
    • 9:14
  • Awards:

      Best Domestic Short Comedy - Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase 2017
      Bronze Remi Award - Worldfest Houston 2018
      Winner - Mindfield Film Awards 2017
      Winner - Pinnacle Film Awards 2017
      Audience Choice Award - Shutter Speed Film Festival 2018
      Best Comedy - Mindfield Film Festival 2018
      Best Comedy - Ocean Coast Film Festival 2018
      Outstanding Achievement in Production - Galveston Island FF 2018
      Best Lead Actor - Michael Baker - Galveston Island FF 2018
      Best Lead Actress - Lou Williford - Galveston Island FF 2018

Team Demo Reels, commercials and films

  • Chuck Hatcher, Cinematographer

    • Commercial Demo Reel
    • Clients: Pie Five, Methodist Health System, Cirro Energy, Care Now, ...
    • 3:29
  • Raoul Torresi, Editor, DP

    • Demo Reel
    • 5:00

Latest news

actor actor

Alana Gay and Kevin Page cast for Who is Martin Danzig?!

March 15, 2018

Very excited to announce two veteran actors for lead roles in our upcoming production Who is Martin Danzig? Kevin Page is a veteran from Hollywood - you might remember him from Robocop, but he's also been a recurring on Seinfeld and a regular on the Dallas reboot!

Alana Gay, although young, is also a pro - having a guest star spot on Gray's Anatomy as well as several national commercials including Home Depot!

Who is Martin Danzig? Auditions

February 18, 2018

Auditions held for two major roles for our next film! The lead role - Martin Danzig has already been cast with a well known long time Hollywood actor! VIVA!

actor actor
actor actor

Popcorn & Chocolate Festivals

February 10, 2018

Two more festivals for Popcorn & Chocolate! St. Paul, MN and Boynton Beach, FL! Come see it!

Popcorn & Chocolate Screenings

October 5, 2017

First public screenings of Popcorn & Chocolate at various venues throughout Shreveport, LA. VIVA LA FILM PRIZE!

actor actor
actor actor

Popcorn & Chocolate Selected for LA Film Prize

August 10, 2017

The second consecutive award for Dial it Back Films, and the third consecutive entry for director Cathrine Hatcher!

WINNER - Sid and Marge

July 16, 2017

Sid and Marge wins Best Domestic Short Film at the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase!

actor actor
actor actor

Principal Photography Begins

May 7, 2016

The first day of 5 full days of shooting for Popcorn & Chocolate begins at the Veterans Cemetery in Keithville, LA

Popcorn & Chocolate

March 21, 2017

Pre-production meeting for the next film. Starbucks all around!

actor actor
actor actor

Sid and Marge screenings in San Luis Obispo

March 16-17,2017

A wonderful community, great hospitality and very enthusiastic audiences!

West Chester Film Festival

March 2, 2017

A long established festival outside of Philadelphia selectes Sid and Marge.

actor actor
actor actor

San Luis Obispo Film Festival

December 7, 2016

A prestigious festival in California's Central Coast.

Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase

November 27, 2016

The fourth set of laurels for Sid and Marge!

actor actor
actor actor

Oasis Short Film Screening Series

October 28, 2016

Sid and Marge accepted to third festival!

Kansas City Screening

October 26, 2016

Sid and Marge selected and screened at the First Friday Film Festival.

actor actor
actor actor

Sid and Marge - First Public Screening

September 30, 2016

Over 3200 people will see Sid and Marge at the Louisiana Film Prize over the weekend.

Michael Baker nominated for Best Actor

September 21, 2016

The film prize picks one from each of the 20 films, so no big deal, but still felt cool to be nominated.

actor actor
actor actor

Sid and Marge Accepted in to LA Film Prize

August 16, 2016

Sid and Marge is accepted into the Louisiana Film Prize - out of 125 entries only 20 are selected.


Our creative team

Talent expertise creativity

Michael Baker Producer, Writer, Actor
actor actor
Cathrine Hatcher Director
actor actor
Chuck Hatcher Cinematographer
actor actor
Raoul Torresi Editor, DP
actor actor

Michael Baker is an award winning filmmaker, and successful software entrepreneur. He has been a professional musician, school music teacher, published composer, and factory owner. He enjoys portraying new and unique characters - usually in public and on the phone, much to the dismay of his family. His life is a series of events gone wrong. He shudders to think what would have happened if his life turned out exactly as he planned it.

Cathrine Hatcher is no stranger to the film industry. She has been working in the industry for 30 years. She has worked on hundreds of commercials and industrials and over 100 films and TV shows. She was the Executive Producer for a short film that made it in the "Top 20" of the Louisiana Film Prize competition and for three consecutive years directed films that made the prestigious "Top 20" filmmaker list out of over 125 films submitted. She had directed 8 other projects and has several in process.

Chuck Hatcher has over 25 years experience as a Director of Photography on award winning feature films, music videos, commercials, documentaries and industrials. Awards for Music Videos include several "Best Music Video" at Worldfest Houston and CMA WINNER-"Video of the Year" 1997 among many others. Director/Camera on over 800 commercials all over the United States. He has worked with Rush, Kiss, and other big name bands.

Raoul Torresi was born in Rome, Italy and has an extensive career in Italian cinema working with many of the great filmmakers. His family has been in the film industry since 1935. A cinemetographer as well as editor, he has over 100 credits for his film work. Moving to the Dallas area, he quickly established himself as the go-to editor in the area for his attention to detail. He is also a master Italian chef (Pizza night at the Castello di Torresi is NOT to be missed) and a trained classical pianist.

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